Study and Football


  • We will support you with your entry to Germany
  • We will look for an apartment for you to rent
  • We will help you with the enrollment
  • We will help you learn the German language


You would like to live, study and play football in Germany?

Then go and join the Oldenburg Knights! We will support you with travelling, finding a place to stay, enrolling in a university and learning the language.

You’re possibly going to experience the best time of your life.

Make your dream of playing football in Germany a reality and enjoy all the advantages of living in this country. You’re going to enjoy being a part of our team, since our slogan MY TEAM | MY SPIRIT | MY FAMILY is our way of life.

We will help you with any issues.

How can I find the least expensive flight? Will I need a visa? What kind of expenses will I have to pay? What do I need to know concerning the enrollment process, and how do I find a place to stay?

We will take care of all these questions and help you with planning and realization. Once in Germany you’ll feel right at home in our big family, which doesn’t only support each other while playing football.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!

Our support includes everything in terms of personal and administrative matters. However, there will not be any financial assistance.

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